Thursday, 6 March 2014

Teddy's Parade - March 2014

My Teddy Twins for the World Wide Teddy's Parade
Carola from Sweet and Thats It started this great fun initiative to bake a Teddy from your favourite dough. Hard to resist!

Here's my dough recipe adapted from "Uit de keuken van Levine" Soft White Rolls (in Dutch):
(makes 2 Teddy's and 6 rolls, or 4 Teddy's and 2 rolls)

5 gr instant yeast
500 gr strong white bread flour
30 gr caster sugar
10 gr salt
35 gr non fat milk powder
1 large egg (approx. 60 gr), beaten
275 gr water
40 gr melted (unsalted) butter

sultana's or peppercorns or .... to give your Teddy a face
melted butter to brush the baked Teddy's

Put all dough ingredients -in this order- in your bread maker and choose the "dough" programme. Mine takes 2.20 hours, including the first rise. Of course you can do this by hand. This will give you a total dough weight of around 950 gr.
Divide and pre shape the dough following "Carola's Teddy Anatomy Chart". Each Teddy takes up 200 gr of dough.

Carola's anatomy chart

My pre shaped Teddy anatomy

Leave to rest - covered- for ten minutes, then put the Teddy's together after slightly tightening all different parts. Place them on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper. I sprayed mine with water and pressed in peppercorns as eyes and belly buttons.

Cover the baking sheet (in a large plastic bag) and leave to rise for 60 mins. at room temperature. Preheat your oven at 180C (fan). Spray the Teddy's with water and bake for 10 mins. Turn your baking sheet 180 degrees and bake for another 10 mins. at 160 degrees.
Brush the baked Teddy's with melted butter while still hot. Then carefully (!!) transfer onto a baking rack until cooled.

Dress up your Teddy's to your liking .....

Mine are off to bed now!

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  1. Wow Claire, your twins Teddy are so cute.
    And I like how you have dressed them up.
    Thank you so much for joining theTeddy's Parade. Without all of you, my Teddies would feel so lonely :-)